Another Space Opera - Episode 1 : The Wake Of The Giant, is a cinematic action platformer with a fast-paced and immersive feel. Rendered in gorgeous, hand-crafted pixel art and featuring a full cast of voice-actors to bring this immense, epic sci-fi saga to life before your eyes. At the end of the 23rd century, Earth is united under a gestalt technocratic order - reborn from the ashes of nuclear fire. Now reaching out to explore the stars, humanity finds itself dragged into the crossfire of yet another war: A bloody, supernatural conflict for the fate of the galaxy.


  • Single-player or 2-player coop. Experience the tale of Another Space Opera alone or with a friend by your side.
  • A world rendered in breathtaking pixel art; 12 sprawling levels with painstakingly hand-crafted pixel art environments, beautifully animated characters and cinematics.
  • A full cast of talented voice-actors breathe life into an immersive story.
  • Unique ‘Hack-n-Blast’ gameplay: a tightly woven combination of skill-intensive gunplay, dodging, and melee fighting makes for a satisfying combat experience that is easy to learn but difficult to master.
  • Procedurally generated loot: Countless weapons with unique stats, appearances, names, and features with which to annihilate your foes.
  • An incredible blockbuster cinematic soundtrack.
  • 30+ unique enemies.
  • Challenging boss-fights with beautifully animated, immense bosses.


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